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Prelude’s admission management team works towards managing student enrollment process effortlessly. The basic criterion is to check eligibility on the basis of supporting documents.


After the enquiry process interaction with the Principal/ Academic Coordinator is scheduled telephonically for Nursery to UKG admission enquiries.  A written Aptitude test is scheduled accordingly for Std. II onwards. Admission form to be issued for the students based on their aptitude score. Admission will be finally granted only after the confirmation from Principal. There will be no relaxation in the age limit.

Age criteria is as follows-

Minimum age as on 31st July –

  1. Nursery – 3+

  2. LKG – 4+

  3. UKG – 5+

  4. Class I – 6+

Supporting Documents–

  1. Self attested copy of Birth Certificate from the Government

  2. Self attested copy of Latest Progress Report Card

  3. Self attested copy of Aadhar Card of the child

  4. Latest Passport size photograph 2 each (Father, Mother, Guardian & Child)

  5. Transfer Certificate Original

  6. Self attested copy of Blood Group Report

Admission Process for Std. XI

In CBSE, Std. XI and XII are considered to be an integrated course. A student needs to take only those subjects in Std. XI which he/she intends to continue in Std. XII. In our school, 6 subjects are offered in Std. XI (5 main and 1 additional). If a student fails in any one of the first five subjects, the marks of same will be replaced by the  6th subject.

Benchmark test is to be attempted and a student needs to score     minimum 60% in the tests.


  1. Allocation of Stream in Std. XI will be done on the basis of performance in the Pre-Board Exams fulfilling the basic criteria of admission.

  2. No changes will be permitted in the subjects selected or the stream chosen.

  3. Admission to Std. XI is PROVISIONAL, subject to the marks obtained in Std. X Board Examination 2022-23 as per the norms and percentage criteria fixed by the school. If not, then admission is subject to cancellation or change of stream (according to the below given criteria of the percentage) will be offered to the child (whichever applicable).


(a) Students who wish to take Science Stream must score a minimum of 65% aggregate in Std. X CBSE / ICSE Examination and minimum of 70% in Standard Mathematics for PCM and 65% in Science for PCB combination.

(b) Students who wish to take up Commerce Stream must have a minimum of 60% aggregate in Std. X CBSE/ICSE Examination. If a student wishes to opt for Applied Mathematics (241) with Commerce Stream, he/she must have minimum 55% in Standard Mathematics / 70% in Basic Mathematics.

(c )Students who wish to take up Humanities Stream must have a minimum of 55% aggregate in Std. X CBSE / ICSE Examination. If a student wishes to opt for Mathematics with Humanities subjects, he/she must have minimum 55% in Standard Mathematics /70% in Basic Mathematics.


For further enquiry please contact school office or Admission In Charge between 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

For further enquiry, contact School Office or admission in-charge between 09:00 A.M. to 03:00 P.M.

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