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“A Dream to impart Education & Empower Children”
Of all the various activities created to survive on earth I feel that education is the most enduring, satisfying, powerful and pious one. I am blessed by the Almighty to perform my duty as an educator. In my view without any discrimination of caste, creed, status or race each individual should be given the opportunity to learn. Learning not by force but learning to quench the thirst of knowledge, learning to enhance personality, learning to bring the best out of self, learning for bringing positive change in the society, learning to know the outer as well as the inner world, learning to know and feel the cosmos and be a vital part of this universal design.
I am a firm believer that hard work is not only the key to success but hard work is the key to a better life and better world. Here I stand hand in hand with Prelude family to achieve our aims. Bless you all and seek blessing from the Creator of the Universe for beginning a new journey. This is what drives me as an academician and I seek quality and positive outcomes in all that we ever embark upon. May God give us success and help us to lead the path of truth and wisdom!
My greetings to all the viewers.

                                                                             Mr.Arvind Shrivastava



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