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School Library


At Prelude Public School, we have set up well-equipped Library dedicated to the students of different age groups. Its extensive collections of books, journals, electronic media, including magazines in English, and Hindi will focus on providing an excellent reference environment.
Children, librarian and teachers are always seeking ways to improve their literature programs and after-school activities, and they will find just what they need in Leading Kids to Books through Crafts. The "Mighty Easy Motivators", series by Caroline Feller Bauer is an exciting, hands-on guide to craft preschool and grade school children. Bauer introduces craft as a way to emphasize and reinforce a story`s message. Her programs are designed to meet two objectives: introducing children to interesting new stories and poems, and helping them to create a story-related craft to take home.
The concept of this repository is centred around providing a nucleus for creativity, expression and expanding their horizons to develop essential analytical and independent learning skills.

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