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Note :

  • The Composite Fee has to be paid on a quarterly basis by the 10th day of April, July, October and January. Transport Maintenance Expenses have to be paid on a half yearly basis by the 10th day of April and October respectively.

  • Transport Maintenance Expenses may be hiked during the ongoing session if need arises. Service tax/GST, if applicable, will be charged extra.

  • We avoid the payment of fees in the School and will appreciate if it is deposited in the bank.

  • Payment of school fee is to be made through banking channels only. The School offers NACH, RTGS & PAYTM facility for the fee payment. The process would be shared at the time of enrolment. School strictly discourages payment of fees in cash.

  • The School shall subsidize the following -

                Professional Coaching               Professional Workshops               Outstation Trips              Adventure Camps

                Summer Camp                             Outstation Competitions               Educational Movies        Educational Trips

  • The School provides below mentioned facilities and does not charge any additional money towards them :

    * However, the School reserves its right to charge for these activities events / items, if any need arises in the future.

  ** Also, the School reserves the right to amend or withdraw any of the items mentioned above with/without any prior information or notice.

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